Thursday, September 28, 2017

National Coffee Day Sept. 29... Free Fish & Chicken... and Updates


That, and a bunch of squeaking, interrupted my typing. After spending a good part of the morning putting away beans, etc. so the mice wouldn't get into them, it was nice to hear the results of the Brick's latest peanut-butter set trap.
    Interestingly, our friends down the street had just brought a handful of mice for the chickens. Did this one feel called to become chicken food, too? A second big one joined it, soon after. (Son #1 found a third running around inside the utility sink in the laundry room, and sent it to the Big Mousetrap In the Sky.)
     I felt terrible about the mouse invasion, until I heard about a couple in Redhawk, a snooty subdivision near us. Their mouse total this fall (so far, at least) is TWENTY-FIVE. Yow.
     All the same, these mice need to find somewhere else to live.

The chickens are only laying an egg every 2-3 days now. Their days are numbered, the little dinosaurs.

They should take some heed of the bobcat that our neighbor spotted this week in the open space area below our backyard. I have a feeling it wouldn't mind a chicken dinner...if not for Charley the dog and a sturdy coop.

Cleaning up, putting away -- and reports.  I have actually been making progress at this!  I have to -- clients are waiting. Plus I need to clear away a bunch of things before the upcoming conference...hunting season...and an ASA (American Society of Appraisers) meeting.

I would love to tell you exciting things are going on here at Chez Brick -- but they're not.
          Life goes on...

* * * * * * * * *
Long John Silvers is offering BOGO on fish & chicken meals, if you have this coupon.  (Good through 10/8/17)

* * * * * * * *
National Coffee Day is Friday, Sept. 29! A bunch of places are offering free or discounted coffee on Friday, including these thirteen spots. (Thanks, Brad's Deals, for pointing them out.)

Don't be chicken about it!

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