Friday, October 20, 2017

Things I STILL Don't Understand

    There are plenty of weird, sometimes frightening, sometimes silly things out there in the world that I just don't understand. Here's the first batch -- but they were still clogging up the pipeline, so I added a second batch.
     Regarding Batch #2: I particularly don't understand Kathy Griffin's 'I'm taking my apology back' stance. Although I note that most people didn't give her the "attagirls" or publicity she no doubt craved, for holding up Trump's severed head. So when she retracted her groveling apology -- and pictures surfaced of 'Ol Kath happily sucking up to the President -- they just thought she was vindictive and foolish.
     Which she was.

Update:  Now Ms. Griffin is griping about her lawyer -- and the lawyer is griping right back.

Here are more things for you and me to puzzle about. 

I don't want to know.

Why does Charley the dog dislike doves so much? Birds in general? He will happily spend hours barking threats at them. (Chesapeake Bay retrievers are supposed to be bird dogs, by the way. Which Charley is, if you count hating them.) 

Quit talking smack about me, Mommmm!

Why will Abby the dog go retrieve the paper...but Charley, the true retriever, refuses to? (He will cheerfully steal it from her, however.) Speaking of:

Miss Abs, in motion. (She's a Golden Lab, btw. So is Charley - partly.)

Abby does this all the time. Sir Charles -- nope.

Why do dogs go and pee over spots other dogs saluted? Don't they know that yet another dog will be by soon to erase their contribution?  How come cats don't make as big a deal of this? And what's the fuss about dogs and fire hydrants? They'll pee on anything.

The sad part about this lovely film -- the dog died not long after it was made. Chaplin had gone back home; it was said she died of a broken heart after he left her. She is a darling -- reminds me of Abby. (Who is lying on my foot while I'm typing this.)

Why is it, when one of your favorite football teams loses -- the others often do, as well? This pondering comes after a week when the Broncos lost, Michigan got creamed by Penn State...and now we're watching the University of Colorado get flattened by Washington State. Sigh...

German chocolate cake doesn't require German chocolate. Why not?
     Update: A Gentle Reader informs me that it's made with German's chocolate; i.e., a brand name. I always wondered. Thanks, Judy!

You know those tasty silver balls used to decorate cakes and cookies, especially at Christmas? They're called silver dragees. What the heck are 'dragees'...and why are they usually only silver? (I know they come in other colors -- but you hardly ever see them.)

Potato chips aren't chips -- they're slices. The British version, 'crisps,' aren't chips, either. Most of the time, British 'fish and chips' is really french fries. (I have seen occasionally some we would probably call 'homefries.') Speaking of Brits:

Oxford lunch isn't -- it's really a kind of fruitcake.  Some call it Dundee cake, as well. Which makes more sense...I guess.

Having 'enjoyed' my share of screaming babies on planes, I wish someone would do this for me...

What's with the writing on this car, seen while at the library? (It wasn't election time, by the way. Andy probably wasn't running for anything. From -- that's a different story.)

Why, when you're best-dressed and trying to impress, that's when you usually trip and fall? (President Jerry Ford knew this the hard way, poor guy.).
     Or spill coffee in your lap, on the way to the meeting? Dribble something down your silk shirt? Find spinach in your teeth afterwards?  I once was interviewed for a tv documentary, only to find, when it was finished, that my shirt was unbuttoned, aptly enough, right over the bellybutton. Who knows what the camera picked up. Speaking of:


Why do I suddenly 'lose' names, places and dates during conversation...then they suddenly come back hours -- or even days -- later? (Names, especially. Arrggh.)

Must we have to continue to put up with insults and innuendo about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?  Hasn't enough been said already? Surely I can't be the only one who's tired of this. 

I'm getting sick and tired of gratuitous headlines about Harvey Weinstein, too. The man's (allegedly) a pig. Leave it at that.

And finally...

Why do silly, often unimportant things like this drive me totally nuts?!?

     Who knows...

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