Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top Ten, Most Popular...And All That

One of the nicest things about the beginning of the new year are 'Top Ten' lists. Many sites will tell you what's interested their readers most over 2012. If I don't have time to read the blog, post after post, it's a great way to skim the cream off the top. Including:

Roadkill Rescue's top ten makeovers of dumpster and roadside finds.

2012's most popular posts on making money. Grand A Month has some interesting, though occasionally wacky ideas -- but they make you think. That's worth reading this blog regularly.

Knock Off Decor's top ten projects copy items from upscale places like Pottery a whole lot less than retail.

Keeper of the Home's top ten cover everything from making your own sunscreen to 31 different uses for a mason jar.

Infarrantly Creative's top ten home dec and crafts projects . The crutches lamp is the quirkiest, but you'll get the most out of rolled ribbon flowers and 'how to paint stripes on curtains' how-tos.

Penny Thots put its most popular posts for 2012 in one accessible spot, too. (If you're curious, you can find all of yours truly's posts via this link, as well.)

I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of this blog's most popular stops in 2012, including
    * The brouhaha about a designer who decided to force an author to give her royalties for using her fabric (still a sore spot for me and many other authors)
    * Karen Combs' stolen quilts, back in March. Would this never happened. They still haven't been recovered, by the way, though the perpetrators may have been arrested. They're just not confessing to stealing the quilts. (Sally Schneider's stolen quilt is also still missing, though Allison Aller's Crazy was found.)
   *Appraising -- hands-on advice from an appraiser
   *The Stolen Valor issue (Having had several relatives, including the Brick, who served in the military, I take this very seriously)

   *Looking for money in all the right places
   *All the fuss about Chick-Fil-A's chairman's comments

and my own favorites,
   *Haunted Hotels
   *George Washington -- and politics -- in cloth
   *Some ranting about 'organic' food

...and a little ditty about six-hundred-year-old underwear

The 'Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff' editions have also been surprisingly popular...wherein I jam in the odd, intriguing and helpful things and discoveries I've found on the Internet. These come out on Mondays (go figure), except when things jam up at the Brick House, and they appear on Sunday or Thursday, instead. Not often, but it's happened before.

You might enjoy the 'Flat-Broke Food' and '7 Fish Dishes' series on my food blogs, Holiday Goodies and Christmas Goodies, as well. (Holiday Goodies is starting a whole series on soup that may come in handy, these cold days.) Become a follower of any of my blogs -- or sign up to receive posts via e-mail -- and you won't miss a thing, including our frequent giveaways!

Thank you for sharing my world over these past 12 months. I'm so glad you did. 

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