Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's A Cat's Life...Or Is It?

Back in 1914, photographer Harry Whittier Frees did a series of cat photos -- more properly, anthropomorphic subjects: cats (and a puppy or two) dressed up and positioned as if they were people. (Think Wind in the Willows, and William Wegman's Weimie subjects.)

These photos are being billed as 'LOLCats'...because they're often amusing. 

I've seen them on antique postcards. If you're an animal-lover, they're quirky, and fun to decorate with.

But one wonders: what did the animals themselves think about it?

(Click on the link here for more.)


Christine Thresh said...

I have the book Four Little Bunnies with photos of rabbits dressed in clothing by Harry Whitter Frees, published by Rand McNally & Company 1in 1935.

Cindy Brick said...

I always enjoyed this kind of story, Christine...

and was a big fan of the Wegman pieces, since for decades we had two Weimaraners. But try and put clothes on our Buck and Goonie? They HATED it.

Thanks for writing.

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