Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bigfoot's Back in Town?

I haven't forgotten Our Mutual Buddy. 

He's been kind of quiet lately -- but I suspect he's not back yet. (He seems to migrate up and down the Front Range, in the spring and fall most years. At least that's what the sightings suggest.)

While I'm waiting for the Big Guy to show his face around here, I'm enjoying this 2016 commercial from HomeServe.

He'll stop by soon. I hope.

Life update:  One more report to go -- and it's nearly finished. I have to concentrate on quilt binding and restoration this weekend, then I'll be caught up. 

The Brick is feeling better. Me, too. We just run out of steam really quickly. 

     Fellow blogger Rae (from Life by Design) stopped by tonight for supper and a bed for the night, on her way south to Mexico for the summer. We've had a good time talking, from healthcare to travel, and the Canadian vs. US viewpoint on practically everything. She is a clever, intelligent woman with some thoughtful ideas...I've enjoyed having her here. 

She's heading out early tomorrow...if you've paid any attention to Western weather forecasts, Colorado is bracing for a big storm the next few days. You read that right. Late April/early May doesn't mean flowers -- around here, it means SNOW.

    Maybe Mr. S. is waiting for the dramatics to finish, before he heads back.

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