Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Hollander Walk of Shame

Normally I pride myself on being clever, frugally-speaking. I can make a dollar squeal as I stretch it to cover more than it meant to.
       That's usually true. But this past week:

I was in Target, getting a prescription filled. In our part of Colorado, Target has a large grocery section included in the store. And that particular day, it was offering a $5 coupon for every $20 in meat purchases.

     Nice, but not thrilling -- Target's grocery costs, at least in our local store, are overpriced, compared to other places. Nonetheless, I thought I'd look.

     WHOA -- a bin marked 59 cents a pound! And it was filled with turkey breasts!

Lots of them...

     With visions of cheap roast turkey, turkey enchiladas and tetrazzini filling my head, I hauled out 2 1/2 lb. turkey breasts excitedly. Twenty dollars' worth literally filled the cart. I set aside the next thought ("How the heck am I going to get all these in the freezer?!?") and headed for checkout.

Once there, I proudly lugged all the turkey breasts over, thumped them down onto the conveyor belt, mentioned the $5 coupon...and got ready to pay my $20.

Only they weren't 59 cents a pound -- they were $9.99 each. Somehow they'd trickled over into a nearby empty bin.

And I'd grabbed fourteen of them.

Guess I wasn't as foxy as I'd thought.
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To his credit, the checkout clerk kindly checked, double- and triple-checked to make sure that the price was accurate. (He also said he'd put the turkey breasts all back.)

It's really hard to walk out of a store, when you're trying not to see...

 if others notice your face is red. 

So much for Hollander instincts. Maybe this week..

(While I'm recovering, here are 15 excellent ways to hone your frugal edge, thanks to The Simple Dollar.)

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