Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Here...Just Quiet

I've been staying with Mom in Michigan this week, working on The Book, The Book's Patterns, and sewing. You can tell I'm at the folks' house -- Mom's once clean and peaceful dining room is full of piles -- papers, fabrics, finished blocks, all threatening to fall over and hurt someone.

The detritus is drifting slowly into the living room. I think it's looking for fresh meat.

Have you had spring weather? It's beautiful here in Michigan, but I left Denver on the heels of a snowstorm Friday. My plane took off at 6:10 a.m., just when the snow really hit DIA, and we had to stop for de-icing first. I switched planes in Chicago, where we were met by green lawns and sun. People from Denver going east got off in heavy coats, warm clothes and even long underwear. (I know -- overheard a guy in the next seat, talking to his dad.)

People from Chicago going west wore sundresses, sandals, sunglasses. Bet they got a shock when they deplaned!

Husband said we got 1 1/2 feet of snow. (Daughter #2, who lives up in the mountains, got 4 feet.) Husband also texted, "Why is it that whenever you leave, we get these huge snowstorms?" He remembers all too well the week when he was snowed in for four days straight -- and I was teaching in North Dakota, with not a flake on the ground.

It's nearly gone now in Colorado. But how would I know, when all I can see are daffodils, birds and forsythias in Michigan. Mmmm...

See you this weekend.

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