Saturday, April 4, 2009

It IS April...right?

Snow. Ice. More Snow -- blowing sideways for good measure. Or upside-down. Rightside-up.

I was supposed to do appraisals today at the Creative Needle in Littleton -- only 20 minutes or so away. Nothing doing, right?

Naah. I called -- and they said, "What snow? We've just got a little rain here!"

And so they did.

So Husband and I slipped and slid our scary way to the edge of Denver -- where the blizzard magically disappeared, and we drove into Rainy Day Land.

The Creative Needle staff is great -- thanks to all of you, especially Marge, for your kindness -- and I couldn't resist buying a nice batch of batiks (they have the best selection), some hologram threads, a batch of sewing-themed hankies and some iridescent floss. Drooled over the glass buttons and beads Marge's son makes...lovely.

By the time I left at 4 p.m., the snow was just beginning there...and five miles later, we were right back in Storm Land.


A nice cozy fire. Popcorn. THE BOOK on my mind. And Carolina winning its way to Monday night's final confrontation -- with Michigan State!

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