Saturday, April 11, 2009

Multi-Layered Weekend

Actually, it started Thursday...

when Daughter #1 landed on her right shoulder while going off a snowboard jump. ("Last run of the day, Mom," she said.) Suddenly she couldn't move her arm. Then while limping back to the chairlift, something 'popped.' She could move the arm again, but it hurt like crazy. (And yes, she's right-handed.)

Most of Friday (a day originally meant for The Book) was spent schlepping her around to the doctor...then the x-ray clinic...then back to the doctor...then to get a prescription filled. Thank God -- no bones broken. The doctor thought she might have torn or strained a muscle in her shoulder. So it was on to a sling, anti-inflammatories, a heating pad (to start the regimen of hot/cold the doctor recommended)...and relief that while it was painful, the doctor said she'd be feeling much better soon.

A text from tonight said she was. Thank God. Now at least she has more respect for her left-handed momma's way of doing things!

Then I learned the hard way that when you scan 20 or so diagrams in on Photoshop -- and do not stop to save the scans you've already done -- the whole system crashes and you lose it all. (I only had 2 to go...sigh.)

Another lesson. Running a low-grade fever while working down in a chilly office helps keep you quite comfortable!

Lesson #3. Even if you're not feeling well, it's amazing what you can do if you have to -- go to work (which Daughter #1 has done for two nights straight -- what a girl), pick up and drop off children, do errands, wash dishes. Keep on going, in other words.

The wind has roared yesterday and today. The Easter Egg hunt at church this afternoon must have been a kick -- what with the 40-60 mph winds, the kids must have been flying in the wind. Sun's out (so are the daffodils and hyacinths, though they're getting beaten to death), and great banks of clouds go flying by. Rain punctates now and then.

Whatever-this-flu-is seems to be heading toward bronchitis. Husband feels horrible, too...but the other worship team leader has strep. Dave has rested all day, hoping to get enough strength to get through leading both services tomorrow. What else can you do -- on EASTER, of all days for this to happen!

I may or may not go. Daughter #2 is here to help celebrate Easter. I feel bad staying home while she's here. May just make myself go, anyways. But there won't be a big fancy dinner -- probably just ham and baked potatoes, and a pecan tart found in King Sooper's marked-down section a week ago.

* * * * * *
Simple Dollar has an interesting post on simple things that ARE worth keeping, even on a budget:

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And over at Savings Site, it's a discussion on how seriously people are actually taking the whole 'saving on groceries' thing.


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Hope the shoulder heals well.

Are you still listening to that song? I am, right now in fatt! said...

that should be: " fact"

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