Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Week Just Keeps Going...And Going...

Susan Boyle is receiving the credit she deserves...what a courageous (and talented) woman!

* * * * *
Here's news of two guys who came down the "easy" way from Mount Washington. (ahem) It's a miracle they rode the avalanche:

I climbed that stubborn, beautiful hill 13 times in college, while teaching back-packing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I say "hill" because, compared to the REAL mountains out here in Colorado, it's just a... well, you know. :)

amazing. More amazing stories hooked onto that slide show, as well.

For those of you looking out at green grass and warm breezes, it's snowing here. Again. More expected tomorrow. And the next day. My daffodils are looking quite tired of it all.

At least it keeps you in, and wanting to work.

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Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

She is perhaps a person with true beauty, it just sadly took others time to see it.

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